Transpersonal Art Therapy is the process of using non-verbal means to release that which no longer serves you. Art Therapy “privileges the unconscious,” enabling a person to see, feel or sense a truth behind the mask of busy words or stuck manner.  It is often an instant relief and very helpful in transforming old thoughts, beliefs and emotions into new awareness or understanding.

The Ikon Institute describes Transpersonal Art Therapy as;

“one of the most popular, innovative therapies being used today. It draws upon a number of creative and expressive modalities ranging from painting, drawing, writing, clay, poetry, drama, dance, music, and sand play.

Clients do not need to have any experience or skill in art making – the process is not about creating aesthetic images, but about effecting change and growth through artistic expression in a safe and supportive environment. It is widely used for helping people with depression, relationship and identity issues, poor self esteem, fears, concerns, unhelpful behaviours or personal crisis and other mental health challenges.”

Transpersonal means looking past the “Persona” or mask that we all wear, to the core of our soul; and so connecting to the spiritual.

The process of transpersonal art therapy typically involves relaxation, free art expression, then amplification of your symbols and images to find meaning and connection for you. It is a gentle and non-invasive way of counselling, going deep into our centres for insight, suitable for children and adults.

The link below is for a letter of commendation for Tess’s work with survivors of sexual violence.

Reference Letter for Tess Elliott – Arts Worker

Tess’s Art Therapy practice and applications include art making,  sand play, storytelling, mindful meditation, inner-child writing and dialoguing, music, movement and rituals of release.