You have to understand the old to develop the new” Tess Elliott

Tess draws her inspiration for her art from the natural world, her spirituality and her Celtic heritage.

Tess has been practising and honing her art for over 25 years. She is a skilled Crafts Woman who is experienced in painting, drawing, designing, clay work, fabric painting, sewing (dolls, costumes, clothing, cloaks etc) and faery crafts magic!

Her current art practice includes drawing, pastels, water colours, acrylics, fabric and mixed media

She is an enthusiastic member of the medieval re-enactment community in South-East Qld and and hones her craft skills with researching and then recreating medieval costuming, jewellery, leatherwork –shoes and pouches and other accessories.

Some of Tess’s creative and artistic endeavours and achievements include:

  • Year 8 –12 Secondary Education trained in graphic design and traditional painting and drawing techniques. Print work ~ etching & block printing and clay work. History of Art -artists and their practices (a passionate researcher!)  Private classes or self-taught in other crafts like crochet, knitting and sewing.
  • 1981 Certificate of Applied Art – Interior Decoration – Design, colour and drafting skills.  Interior and exterior design, history via domestic and commercial application from 1982 till 1990
  • 1991 – 1997 Decorative Artist & Tutor
  • Presenter / teacher at Australian – 1991 –1997 Paint~Ins, yearly conferences, retreats and trade shows. Demonstrator /promoter at American Tole and Decorative Society’s Convention and trade shows USA (1994.1995.1996, 1997)
  • Delivery of decorative painting course in home studios & craft shops throughout Australia
  • Designer and producer of raw timber kit furniture and functional objects for decorative folk art market- (1990-1992)
  • Skilled in traditional European brush techniques traditional oil painting technique converted or adapted for acrylic paints and mediums. European painting techniques, American naïve and medieval illumination techniques and Celtic art and design styles Fabric including cotton, velvet and suede. Modern decorative art painting styles and product knowledge. Created own distinctive Australian decorative painting style


  • Art as Activism –group Exhibition with BRISSC Dec 4-5th 2014
  • Exposure with Joint Exhibition Bronwyn Field ‘26th –27th November 2005 Perrotts Nursery
  • Inner Transcendence Joint Exhibition 14th –16th October 2005 the Art Gallery Newstead Brisbane
  • Carrick’s Collection III Group Exhibition 23 &26th June 2005 Perrotts Nursery
  • Carrick’s Collection II Group Exhibition 13th –14th November 2004 Perrotts Nursery
  • Seeking the Centre Group Exhibition – June 2004 Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin Qld
  • Carrick’s Collection I Inaugural Art Show Group & Student Exhibition 16-18th April 2004 Perrotts Nursery Enoggera
  • Spirit Quest Joint Exhibition 4th April – May 2004 Eclectica Grange Brisbane
  • Magik Steps Solo Exhibition 5th June –14th July 2002 Eclectica Grange
  • Festival of Arts Joint Exhibition and events 10-20 October 1995 Mount Tambourine, Qld
  • Abbey Museum Medieval Tournament ~annual July event
  • 1996, 1999-2008 AAA Trader: Maker of Art-on Suede miniature wall hangings, pouches and bookmarks. Heraldry designs, medieval illumination verses in vellum, on suede or framed prints. 2006 University Tent Talk – The Book of Kells.  Reenactment- Women in History activities 2012 onwards


Practice in fine art application acrylic, ink and watercolour, pencil and pastel, medieval illumination techniques – on paper and vellum, Illustration work, watercolour, mixed media and clay. Fabric painting– velvet, vellum and cloth. Medieval clothing and sewing techniques, dying, finger weaving and leatherwork.

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