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Tess Elliott

Tess Elliott

Self-exploration is the corner stone to Tess’s creative work, both personally and professionally. A practicing Artist, teacher and facilitator  for 23 years, her interests are in understanding the old, ancient symbolism and art forms and developing them into a  meaningful  modern  presence.  Tess’s other great passions are reading ancient history – especially pertaining to her Celtic heritage, creative writing and sharing how to live in union with the sacred Feminine Divine.

Tess, now qualified as Transpersonal Art Therapist, creates self –awareness and healing workshops through creative arts activities, inner-child wisdom courses and Earth-based spirituality practices. Tess is an inspiring and passionate facilitator of her Crafts.

Tess’s personal statement is that Inner child work is profound.  It has been hugely successful in understanding my own inner conflicts, drives and childhood issues for 22 years now. It has been the cornerstone to my own self-development, artistic and creative healing work. Today I am still in awe of the power and joy of my own wonder child and believe wholeheartedly in what Carl Jung  (1959) succinctly   states:

“The child archetype in a personification of vital forces quite outside the limited range of our conscious mind. It represents the strongest most ineluctable urge in every being, namely the urge to realise itself.”


“You must understand the old to develop the new”

I have been studying and creating art for over 20 years now. In 1992 when I moved from Victoria to Qld, my interest in my Celtic heritage took a new direction when I studied intently the history, culture and arts of the Celts from the Neolithic period to the 10th century of the Irish Celtic Christian period.  In recreating images and symbols of the Celtic artist of old, I learnt to develop new designs that had meaning and relevance for me today.

The circle of life is forever evolving and changing.

At the same time I was learning the traditional painting techniques of old Europe and early naive painting styles of the pilgrim fathers of the America. These methods I immediately wanted to develop into an Australian folk art style. Revisiting my early passion of art history and the early Australian pioneering painters.

The interesting thing was I re-discovered my  love of  bright detail, and miniature style of art; the complex detail flower designs like a gum blossom or Grevillia was right up my alley to fuss over and paint anew. The other realization I has was that the traditional painting colours of Europe were so unsuitable for Australiana. I remember the very first time I realised I needed a new palette of cool, bright or pearly colours to get the true colouring of native flowers.   After asking a local farmer and his wife for  a sample of the lovely gum blossom I had seen in  the paddock  (he  actually climb a ladder and when “out on a limb” to get the spray of a  gum blossom – much to the surprise and nervousness  of his wife who had never seen him do something like that before!) I then spent the whole weekend mixing colours to match the large shimmering “Flowering Gum.”

As I developed my skills and knowledge I then began to teach. Over the years, I have demonstrated and taught in USA, Canada and England and well as throughout Australia. From 2004 till 2007, I was an artist-in-residence at a plant nursery here in Brisbane. It was a beautiful relaxing environment to be creative and was the next level of artistic change for me.

Earth based  spirituality rituals have been a part of my  life for over 10 years now  and  it was while I was creating a Spring Equinox  Faery  ceremony in 2005 and conducting art classes in a  bush setting,  that my free flowing spirit art  started to form.

I work with a variety of mixed media including gouache, ink, watercolour and acrylics. My own believes stem from my ancient Celtic earth based –spirituality now blended with passion and love for this ancient land of the Rainbow Serpent. It is through my arts and craft activities that I share the sacredness of Mother Earth in her many and varied forms.

Being an Australian artist means taking to the Bush and sitting in stillness to and connecting with the spirit of a place. appreciate what our unique flora and fauna have to offer- the grey green foliage belie an avalanche of exquisite complex colourful flowers –some hidden high up on the canopy line.

While I have been connecting more to Mother Earth through my art, ritual and –self-awareness and healing workshops I found myself drawn to formalise my skills, knowledge and passion, which is what lead me to undertake the Transpersonal Art Therapy degree run by the Ikon Institute.

Education and Experience

2014 – Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy (Ikon Institute –Qld)

2005 – 2013 – Participation in and facilitation of various Self-development workshops through;

  • Womenspace Brisbane (2005-2009)
  • GAIA Conferences (2008-2013)
  • SCA River Haven (2005-2012)
  • WWA (Women’s Wellbeing Association 2008-10)
  • Oakwillow Course (2011-12)

2007 – NEIS: Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management)

2006 – Blue Card (approved holder)

2003 – Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment